I'm Melissa and together with my husband Blake, we decided to take a leap.


In two words: Mobile Autonomy. After I completed my M.S. in Environmental Science, we decided to have a getaway before diving into the workforce. Although we considered traveling abroad, taking a cruise, seeing the country by rail and other exciting options, both of our hearts were set on a different kind of adventure. Backpacking.

So we researched the internet and picked the brains of everyone we knew that had such experiences, then packed up all our newly acquired gear and hit the PCT in Oregon for a 100 mile hike to Crater Lake. We didn't take many pictures but made some of the best memories of our lives on that beautiful trail. What happened in the world during that time we did not know, only the world around us and moment we were in.

The feeling of having all we needed to survive slung over our shoulders was liberating in a way we had not previously imagined. There was a security in that feeling that was so much more tangible and fulfilling than the daily dependence on so many systems in society that we returned to. We were hooked and sought to create a life around that same sense of independence ever since.

We began learning about different self-sufficient habitations and considered many different options. Blake was leaning heavily towards sailboat living, until we discovered a friend that had previous experience building tiny homes. That was all we needed to take the leap and soon the idea for the Earthwagon was in motion.

There are many examples of tiny living that we have used for inspiration but none of them quite fit the bill. Our passion is self-reliance and that's what the Earthwagon is all about. We can collect our own water and create our own electricity, so wherever we settle we're just a greenhouse and aquaponics system away from complete autonomy.

Thank you for joining us on this adventure!