Tiny House Jamboree 2017

Last week, somewhere on the interweb, Melissa found all about this tiny house festival going on in Arlington the weekend before Halloween. I said “Great, let’s go!” We've been planning, designing and building ours all year and all that we've learned has generated so many more questions. She looked into it the next day let me know that there would be a lot of seminars and presentations going on that were only available to premium access ticket holders. For us to go and see all that we wanted to see was going to end up costing a few hundred dollars.

One thing to know about building a tiny house, is that you’re still building a house. Houses are expensive and we’re definitely already feeling that burden on this project, now we have another expense to consider.

Now the question, is it worth it? Everything that we can learn during the weekend must be available online, right? Either in YouTube videos or blogs and websites. Why should we spend hundreds of dollars to go hear it in person? I’ll spare you the details of our considerations and say that it was probably the best money that we’ve spent so far. Without a doubt.  

There were dozens of commercial builders and dozens of do it yourself builders with their homes set up all around the convention center, there were also over a hundred vendors of products related to tiny houses. What interested us most were the hours upon hours of great programming, a lot of which were only accessible to premium ticket holders.

There were two 4-hour seminars available that came with premium access, so I chose the one on Friday morning and Melissa went to the Sunday morning one. There's a lot of information covered in each one of those so then it was just a matter of narrowing down which of the other programs we would go to in between touring homes and talking to vendors.

We ended up listening to speakers cover:

To cover all that we learned this weekend will require many blogs posts and to say the least I’m feeling very inspired, invigorated and excited about this whole tiny house experience. Check back often for updates covering all these topics and connect with us on the link below!

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